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January 07, 2023

Exactly How Much Baby Clothes You’ll Need For Your Baby

When you're expecting a new baby, there's so much to think about - including stocking up on the right amount of baby clothes. While traditional wisdom says you should have a wardrobe overflowing with cute little onesies and two-piece sets for your child, having too many options can lead to costly excess and clothing that just doesn't seem necessary. Getting the basics of what will really be useful is key; so if you're in need of some helpful guidance on how much clothing your newborn actually needs, then this blog post is for you! Also, whether you need pre-owned or new stylish baby clothing, we got you covered.

How should you dress a baby?

If you are wondering how to dress a baby, these tips should help you out. Before you start buying clothes for your baby, consider their age and the season. Babies should always be dressed in lightweight layers to ensure they don't overheat — so don’t forget to factor in the temperature of the room whenever dressing them. Remember that newborns are typically not very active yet, so it's best to dress them in loose-fitting clothes that won't constrict their movement. Include enough t-shirts, sweaters, and a variety of other tops on the list.

How many clothes will your baby need?

That depends on a few factors, such as how often you plan to do laundry and the season in which your baby is born. Generally speaking, for newborns (0-3 months), you should have at least five bodysuits or onesies and two to three sleepers or blankets. For babies aged three months to six months, four to five bodysuits and a couple of sweaters should do the trick. From six months to one year, you should have at least five bodysuits, two sweaters, and one-two pants. Of course, if your baby is extra active you may need more.

Stock the basics for your baby

There are staple sets of clothes that are considered to be the basics for your child’s wardrobe. These are the items you will use on a daily basis and should be prepared for ahead of time:

- 5 long-sleeved onesies

- 3 short-sleeved onesies

- 2 or 3 rompers

- 4 pairs of socks or booties

- 4 two-piece outfits

- 4 sleepers or gowns

- 5 hats

- A couple of cardigans/sweaters

The above items should cover most of your baby’s clothing needs for the first few months. As they grow you can adjust accordingly and add additional sets to their wardrobe if needed. Having duplicates is also a great idea, that way if something gets ruined with a messy nappy or spit-up you have backups available. Also, consider buying t-shirts and other comfortable attire.

Consider the seasons when purchasing clothes for your baby

The weather plays an important role in what kind of clothing to get for your baby. If you’re expecting warmer months, more lightweight options, such as short-sleeved onesies and babygrows, will be more comfortable for your child. However, if it’s likely to get chilly then you should opt for thick onesies and sweaters to keep them warm. If you’re not sure which clothes are most suitable, it may be worth talking to a doctor or midwife for advice.

Don’t forget to buy accessories

As well as the staple items of clothing, there are other essential accessories your baby will need. These include

- A pram cover or blanket

- 3 receiving blankets

- 2 bibs

- 8 burp cloths

- A few washcloths

- Mittens

How many baby clothes do you need for your new arrival?

While the exact number of items you need will depend on your personal preferences and budget, the basics outlined in this blog post should provide a solid foundation for stocking up the nursery. Just remember to consider the season when buying clothes for your baby and don’t forget about accessories such as bibs and mittens! With these guidelines in mind, you can now confidently prepare for your little one’s arrival – safe in the knowledge that they will have everything they need.

What types of clothes are needed

Here are 10 types of clothing that you would need for your young one, and why you need them:

1. Long-sleeved onesies

There is no doubt that a baby needs a lot of onesies as they grow. Long-sleeved onesies are great for keeping your baby warm in the cold winter months and during naptime.

2. Short-sleeved onesies

Short-sleeved onesies are perfect for summer days when it is hot outside. These onesies are often thinner and more breathable than long-sleeved onesies.

3. Rompers

Rompers are a great choice for babies of all ages. They can be dressed up or down, and they are comfortable and convenient for active babies who move around a lot.

4. Socks or booties

Baby socks or booties are essential for keeping your baby’s feet warm. Make sure you get a few pairs in different sizes so that you can keep up with the growth of your little one.

5. Two-piece outfits

Two-piece outfits are perfect for special occasions and days when you want your baby to look their best. Look for ones with soft, breathable fabrics that allow your baby’s skin to breathe.

6. Sleepers or gowns

Sleepers and gowns are great options for keeping your baby warm at night. Make sure you get a few in different sizes so that you can keep up with the growth of your little one.

7. Hats

Having a few hats on hand is always a good idea. They can provide extra warmth in the winter and protection from the sun in the summer

8. Cardigans/sweaters

Cardigans and sweaters are great for layering up as temperatures drop, so make sure you get a few of these in different sizes.

9. Jackets

Jackets are essential for keeping your baby warm during the colder months. Look for ones that are lightweight and breathable but still provide enough warmth.

10. Outwear

Outerwear such as raincoats and snowsuits are essential items for any baby’s wardrobe. Make sure you get a few of these in different sizes so that your little one can stay warm and dry no matter the weather

With all these items, it is important to have enough backups in case of spills or messes. So if you know you’re going to be changing diapers or feeding your baby, make sure you have a few extra pieces of clothing on hand to get through the day.

How to save money on baby clothes without sacrificing quality

Babies grow so quickly and they outgrow clothing in no time, so it is important to save money when shopping for baby clothes. Here are a few tips on how to do this without sacrificing quality

  1. Ensure that you buy in bulk- this will help you save money in the long run. In most instances, bulk buying attracts discounts that benefit you.

  1. Look out for sales- there are always discounts and promotions on baby clothing items, especially during seasonal periods like Christmas and Easter.

  1. Buy second-hand items - this is a great way to save money without sacrificing quality. Websites such as eBay or thrift stores offer a wide selection of second-hand clothes.

  1. Buy items that are multi-purpose and versatile- look for items such as onesies, sleepers, and cardigans that can be used in multiple ways. This will help you save money and space in your baby’s wardrobe.

  1. Shop online- Online stores offer a wide selection of clothing at great prices. You can also save money by taking advantage of coupons, discounts, and free shipping offers.

With these tips, you can ensure that your baby’s wardrobe is stylish and comfortable without breaking the bank. So go ahead and shop away!

Where to buy affordable and stylish baby clothes

When buying baby clothes online, there are many platforms that offer stylish and affordable clothes. However, you need to be careful because not all of them are reliable. Here are six considerations to help you choose the best online seller for baby clothes.

  1. Quality assurance - Make sure the online store you are buying from offers a return policy, so that you can easily exchange or return clothes in case of any quality issues

  1. Variety of items - Look for an online store offering a wide selection of items, such as sleepers and gowns, jackets, accessories, and other items. This will help you find the perfect outfit for your baby

  1. Prices - Look for an online store that offers competitive prices without sacrificing quality

  1. Delivery times - Make sure the online store offers fast shipping so that you don’t have to wait too long for your purchase to arrive

  1. Customer service - Look for an online store with a helpful and knowledgeable customer service team, so that you can easily ask any questions or address any issues that arise

  1. Reviews - Read customer reviews to make sure other customers are satisfied with their purchases

These considerations will help you find the best online store for stylish and affordable baby clothes. So go ahead and start shopping!

The 5 best online platforms to buy baby clothes

Based on the considerations above, here are the 5 best online platforms to buy baby clothes.

  1. All Things Dylan - This is a top seller of baby clothes with a wide selection at great prices and excellent customer service. They offer everything from sweaters, dresses, pajamas, swimsuits, and many more. They offer a quality guarantee and free shipping on orders over $75.

  1. Carter’s - This is one of the most popular online stores for baby clothes, offering a wide selection of items at great prices and free shipping when you spend more than $35. They also provide a no-hassle returns policy in case you are not satisfied with your purchase

  1. OshKosh B’Gosh - This online store offers a wide selection of stylish and affordable baby clothes, as well as free shipping on orders over $50. They also offer an easy returns policy for any item that does not meet your expectations

  1. Buy Buy Baby - This is one of the best online stores for baby clothes, offering a wide selection at great prices. They also offer free shipping on orders over $50 and an easy returns policy

  1. Amazon - Amazon is one of the most popular online platforms to buy anything, including baby clothes. They have a wide selection of items at competitive prices and provide fast delivery.

Tips for taking care of baby clothes

After buying baby clothes, taking good care of them is very important. Here are some tips to keep your baby’s clothes looking new and lasting longer:

  1. Pre-treatment - Always pre-treat any stains before washing the garment.

  1. Read labels - Make sure to read the label on each garment so you know what fabric it is made of and the best way to wash it.

  1. Wash with mild detergent - Use a mild detergent when washing baby clothes so as not to damage or irritate the fabric.

  1. Air-dry - Avoid putting baby clothes in the dryer as this can shrink them or cause fading. Instead, air-dry them on a clothesline or drying rack.

  1. Fold neatly - Make sure to fold baby clothes neatly and store them in a drawer or closet so they don’t get wrinkled or stretched out.

Following these tips will help you keep your baby’s clothes looking new and lasting longer. So go ahead and start shopping for the precious little ones!

Red flags to avoid when buying baby clothes online

When shopping for baby clothes online, there are some red flags to watch out for.

  1. Unclear return policies - Make sure you check the store’s return policy before purchasing any items. This will ensure that you can easily exchange or refund an item if it does not meet your expectations.

  1. Low-quality materials - Be wary of online stores that offer baby clothes at incredibly low prices. This may mean the fabric is not up to standard and will not last as long as higher-quality materials.

  1. Fake reviews - Read customer reviews carefully and look out for fake reviews which can be an indication that the store is not reliable.

  1. Unsecure payment - Always make sure that the website you are buying from has a secure payment system. This will ensure your personal information is kept safe and protected.

By following these tips, you can avoid any potential issues when shopping for baby clothes online. So go ahead and start browsing!

Frequently asked questions about buying baby clothes online

Here are some frequently asked questions about buying baby clothes online:

1. What size should I buy?

Most online stores have a size chart that you can refer to when choosing the right size for your baby. It is important to keep in mind that they may vary slightly from store to store, so always check before ordering.

2. Is it safe to buy baby clothes online?

Yes, it is safe to buy baby clothes online if you make sure that the store has a secure payment system and good customer reviews. Avoid any stores with unclear return policies or low-quality materials.

3. How long does shipping take?

The shipping time depends on the store you are buying from. Most online stores provide an estimated delivery date when you place your order 4. Are there any discounts available?

Most online stores offer discounts or promotions throughout the year. Make sure to check their website regularly so you can get the best deals

5. What is the best way to store baby clothes?

Always make sure to fold baby clothes neatly and store them in a


Even though it may be tempting to go overboard and buy everything in sight, remember that babies grow quickly. It’s best to start with the basics and then add on as needed. By following these guidelines, you’ll be sure to have everything you need – and not a lot of extras taking up space. Do you have any other tips for new parents when it comes to shopping for baby clothes? Let us know in the comments below!